" Do you felt lead by God to be missionary? If so call this number now and let us send you a packet on how to be an internet missionary......Be a missionary from the comfort of your own home! can reach people without having to leave your house" Can I gag now?!? What ever happened to "go out and preach to the nations"? And I know I'm harping back on the whole comfort zone thing by saying this too, but since when did reaching out, ministering, loving on, getting to know people mean not leaving your couch?? How are we truly going to understand people if we don't get out of our comfy houses and live life with them? I'm sure that the Lord can use internet missionaries (He can use just about anything!), but is that His best?? Jesus didn't stay couped up in a house writting letters and inpersonally sending them around the country side! He LIVED in and among all kinds of people....I think Jesus was/is a very personal Lord.....He interacts with us!

By holing ourselves up in a house for "comfort sake" what is that telling, or not telling the people we are trying to reach??

If someone tried to evangalize to me via a chat room I'd hate it! How very impersonal would that be! What ever happened to showing people that God loves and cares about them personally?? The only way to get a true picture of this is to live it out through caring for/about, loving on, people in the community personally! I think it all pretty much boils down to that word "personal". We live in a world that is too impersonal already.....why add God's love and Life to the pile? Those things are too important to be taken lightly.....

There is a place for technology in the part of reach/loving on someone....I use email, texting, facebook, etc. sometimes for that. But it is only a very small part of my reaching out!! Call people, visit people, travel the USA in a bus, whatever it takes....interacting with people is the best way to let them know that they are accually something in this world!!! That they mean something to someone.... especially to Jesus!!

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