Well here I first blog post!

At the moment I have a habit of saying my life is awesome, but I've forgotten to explain why..... It's because it is the most free and purposeful it has ever been!! There is nothing more frustrating than to be a young adult and have no idea what in the world you are doing with your life, feeling pretty blah about life in general. A couple of months back I was there, life was a bummer....I was terrified of living the rest of my life doing paperwork or the mundane life stuff! Regular life does have to go's not all exciting all the time. But it can be most of the time! :) Anyway, so I went up to minnesota to visit the Pembertons and to attend communion. Taking that first step was one of the biggest I've ever made! I'm the kind of person who would be perfectly happy to never see a human being again, but at the same time feeling terrible that my life was going nowhere...

Being up there took me totally out of my comfort zone! When you live with a bunch of people for a month you are forced to talk and be a part of life! After coming home almost everyone I have talked to has said that I came home a very different person!

Being in a place where my comfort zone wasn't allowed, was the best thing! The Pembertons were all ready like family to me, so it wasn't hard being around them, but being with the other people they had in their home was the biggest stretching time for me. I learned how to deal with all kinds of different to love someone even if they get on your nerves.....being yourself and not caring what others might think. Now that I'm home those things have a carried over to how I deal with the check out person, my family,and even reaching out to people who are diffrent than me. I'm not saying that you have to stay with the Pembertons for a month to get all helped me to get me as far away from my zone as possible....but for some people that can come from making a point to see all people as people with potential and telling them so, trying something new that might seem impossible, stepping out on a limb... Whatever it takes to get out of your box!

Boxes only hinder us from being all that we can be for the Lord!! I've been told that since I've come home my eyes have been glowing with the freeness that I have now!! I still have areas in my life that I've tried to subdue with a box, but I'm ready to get rid of those too! Life is just soooo much freer now! So step out! Be someone new for the Lord!!!

Be all that you can and even more for Him!! Give it all up, pour out everything you have to give, expect nothing from anyone, just be there for His people!Laura Kovar 21:42, August 4, 2010 (UTC)

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