Soul atrophy, spiritual atrophy, supernatural atrophy. It's all the same. The topic came up because of Vibram's Five Finger shoes. Spiritual thoughts and conversations come from the strangest places sometimes. Vibrams were designed with the active lifestyle in mind. They take some getting used to because if you are not a frequent bare-footer you will probably experience some foot pain as the muscles in your feet build up. Vibram suggests that if you are over a certain age and have not bare-footed much you should not switch to Five Fingers because it will cause undo pain and could cause injury. Muscles in your feet and ankles are like any other muscle in your body, if you don't use them you lose them. Americans are notorious for wearing shoes all of the time and the more support the better! As it turns out we are creating atrophy in our feet. Makes sense if you think about it, if you fully support and mostly immobilize any muscle it will atrophe. It got me thinking about atrophe. Seems to me that the supportive shoes that most people wear that provide comfort and "support" for every activity in life have something in common with church-as-it-is right now. It seems to me like people are overly supported and immobilized to the point of atrophy.


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