One the hard things about community is that we have to deal with things. Because we are such a small community often they have to be dealt with quickly before the little weed takes over the garden. A couple of nights ago we did a sit down re-evaluation of our precedence on what conduct we follow as ministers in Freedom Seed. It was a good meeting. It was a difficult one as well. Though in the end we did have a full group concensus it was an emotionally charged meeting with lots of personal input.

It isn't good to hide ... well anything. Hidden things tend to really trip us up in our journey. It seems that we get them neatly tucked away and the next thing that we know we are falling over them. One our mottos (borrowed from AA's 12 Steps) is to be "Open. Willing and Honest". Real sharing rarely happens in peoples lives and so to practice may leave a person feeling vulnerable and open.

Compassion is a practiced ability to connect with someone elses pain as if it were your own and act on it on the behalf of the one that has the pain as if it were your own.

Everyone gets frustrated and discouraged. Don't quit.

Ok so the precedence stands. No casual drinking or drugging. No sex outside of marriage in any form. This is for the FS ministers and has stayed in place by group consensus.

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